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Aero Tech, LLC, is an Alaska corporation, owned and operated by Ted and Patti Stallings of Clovis, New Mexico.  We have conducted aviation and marine operations in Alaska since 1988. In recent years, we have provided aerial firefighting support throughout the state, using our high-performance helicopters. We operate both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft offering charter, survey, cargo, sightseeing, spraying and other aerial services. We support a wide range of aerial missions, including geotechnical investigations, seismic studies with LIDAR technology, various surveillance activities, air tours, and hunting and fishing expeditions.

Aero Tech, Inc., also owned and operated by Ted and Patti Stallings, is a full-service aviation company with headquarters in Clovis, New Mexico.  Aero Tech has been serving private and public entities in the U.S. and overseas for more than 30 years. As client needs have increased and changed, we have expanded the scope of our aviation services and added crew and aircraft. Today we serve a global clientele. Our key services are:

Aero Tech Owners Patti and Ted Stallings

Aero Tech Owners Patti and Ted Stallings

•  Aerial Surveys
•  Charter Air Transportation
•  Firefighting & Fire Control
•  Fire Reclamation & Aerial Hydromulching
•  Film Production Support
•  Forest Protection
•  Wind Energy Turbine Maintenance
•  Control of Brush & Noxious Plants
•  Fertilization
•  Control of Mosquitoes & Other Pests
•  Cargo Transportation.

We have an impressive fleet of satellite-guided, custom-equipped helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Our helicopters include an MD530FF, an analog Bell 407, a Bell 407GX, Bell 412EP, and two Bell 212HPs.  Our fixed-wing aircraft includes AT-802 Single-Engine Air Tractors (SEATs), a Pilatus PC 6-H4, and a turbine DeHavilland Beaver DCH-2 Mark III.

We maintain our aircraft for the utmost in safety and performance in demanding aerial campaigns, challenging flight conditions, and rugged terrain.  Our Pilatus PC-6-H4 and Turbine Beaver provide excellent support for our aerial missions in Alaska.  The Pilatus performs well in high altitudes and can operate in rough, remote areas of Alaska with very short airstrips. The aircraft is distinguished for its Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities and versatility. Its all-weather reliability and performance is ideal for tough assignments in rugged territories.

The DeHavilland Beaver DCH-2 Mark III offers impressive carrying capacity, climb rate, and cruise speed. The Turbine engine aircraft is equipped with both amphibious floats and fixed landing gear with tundra tires.


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