About Seldovia

TidepoolSeldovia is one of the Kenai Peninsula’s most historic towns. It has approximately 300 full-time residents; it is also a popular retirement community. Seldovia is filled with historic landmarks from a time long past. Visitors to the area are rewarded with authentic Alaskan charm, friendly residents, and culturally rich visitor attractions.

Seldovia has a long and proud fishing history. The first settlers to Seldovia were Russian fur traders. They discovered the area around 1800, making it one of the oldest settlements in Cook Inlet. Seldovia translates to Herring Bay. The 1920’s herring-fishing boom was short lived due to rampant overfishing, yet some Herring can still be found swimming in the Seldovia Slough. Today you will find Seldovia is an active business and tourist community, offering chartered fishing excursions, restaurants and bars, lodges, churches and retail stores. The fishing charters operate year round and take customers on day trips to catch halibut and other fish. The sea waters around Seldovia are known as the Halibut Capital of the World.

In addition to fishing, other popular activities include hiking, biking, sea kayaking, berry picking, beachcombing, bird watching, and sightseeing. The extraordinary wildlife and sea life in the area make for exciting discoveries and photography. Popular tourist destinations are the public museum operated by the Seldovia Tribe and St. Nicholas, a 113-year-old Russian Orthodox Church.

To learn more about Seldovia, visit
The City of Seldovia
Seldovia Chamber of Commerce


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